National Parks

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Tourists in a customized van for a game drive in Kenya

A national park is an area the government has set aside for the purpose of keeping wildlife, education, and research, and recreational purposes, National parks are a symbol of national heritage.

In 1947 Nairobi national park became the first national park to be established in Kenya, followed by Tsavo National park and Amboseli National Park, celebrities like Melania Trump has been to Kenya for Safaris

National parks started in the year 1947 when a Swedish born in South Africa and brought up in Kenya protested against wildlife poaching in Kenya. His name is Mervyn Hugh Cowie.

What you need to know about Kenyan National Parks

Kenya wildlife services manage all national parks in Kenya.

In Kenya national parks are managed by the Kenya government of Kenya, the managing body is the Kenya wildlife services.  The rangers go for paramilitary training in Kenya before they are given duties to manage the national parks.

The largest national park in Kenya is the Tsavo national park found on the coast of Kenya, It was established in 1947, the following year the park was divided into two National Parks, the Tsavo East National Park, and Tsavo West National Park.  Tsavo East National Park has the highest number of big five wildlife living in natural ecosystems.   There are two rivers in this national park, the Gallana River, the Voi River, and the Tsavo River.

Tsavo West national park is thicker denser than Tsavo east national park because it has more water catchment areas.

Nairobi national park is the only national park found in the city, it has very few animals, it also does not have elephants. 

Game drive safari

Masai Mara national reserve is the most visited national park during the wildebeest migrations in July to November, the wildebeest, zebras, and zebras migrate from Serengeti National Park in Tanzania because the wildlife is looking for water and grass which can only be found in Masai Mara. Masai Mara has about nine hundred and fifty lions.

The smallest national park in Kenya is Saiwa Swamp National Park in Kitale, this park covers only 3 kilometres squared, the park was created to protect the engaged Sitatunga, A sitatunga is a rare antelope found in Kenya

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