National Parks and Reserves in Kenya for safaris.

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National Parks and Reserves in Kenya are many. Kenya has many national parks and game reserves in almost every county. However, it is good if you have known the difference between a national park, a game reserve and a sanctuary.

Tourist in a national park in Kenya
Tourists in emjoying a game drive in a national park

National Parks and Reserves in Kenya:National Parks

National Parks and Reserves in Kenya national park is an area the government has set aside for the purpose of keeping wildlife, education, and research, and recreational purposes, National parks are a symbol of national heritage in Kenya and in many countries in the world. The amount of wildlife’s in national parks are many as compared to a game reserve. Kenya wildlife service has some rules when you visit a national park. Some of the rules are like. Do not feed animals in the park. Do not walk or get out of the national park unless you are with a tour guide or a ranger. In a national park for example you can only drive in restricted areas.
Visting in a national park is between 6 am to 6 pm.   To access a national park you have to pay a fee at the gate entrance.

Kenya established its first National park in Nairobi in 1947. Other national parks that followed were Tsavo West and Tsavo East and Amboseli. Most national parks in Kenya have the big five wildlife. The smallest national park in Kenya is the Saiwa swamp. This national park covers a very sall area of about 3 kilometers squared.

Game reserves in Kenya

Game reserve covers a smaller area than a national parks. Game reserves are privately owned by companies or cominities . In fact, most of the game reserves are very close to villages. The other difference between a national park and a game reserve is that. Night drives are allowed in most game reserves.  You can track animals like lions and elephants the whole day. You can also do night drives in a national park. There are more animals that you will see in a national park than a mage reserve.  Most of the game reserves have hotels and lodges.  A good example of wildlife game reserve is Sarova Salt like in Tsavo West.

Wildbeest migration in Masai Mara
Wildebeest migrations in Masai Mara naional reserve

Wildlife sanctuary

A wildlife sanctuary is small than a national park and a game reserve. Most sanctuary are mainly for conservating endangered species. Most of them are for non profit organization. Game reserves receive their revenues through visits, or selling of gift items like t Shirts, Caps and donations from will wishers. A good example of a sanctuary is the Olepajeta conservancy which is a home to the endangered white rhinos.

Nairobi has one santaury that keeps orphaned elephants, Mombasa has haller park and guuni as the major wildlife sanaturies. In a wildlife santaury there are activities like feeding the wildlife. Most who visit wildlife santuaries are people who go for picknic or for conservation education.


Tsavo West national park is thicker denser than Tsavo east national park because it has more water catchment areas.

Olepajeta conservancy in Kenya
White rhinos at Ol Pejeta conservancy
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