Nairobi National Park

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Nairobi National Park

Children’s at Nairobi National Park
  1. History of Nairobi National Park
  2. What is wildlife migration
  3. What is wildlife migration
  4. Are there migration is Nairobi National Park
  5. How National Parks were formed in Kenya
  6. Wildlife in Nairobi National Park
  7. Big Cats in Nairobi National Park

Nairobi the only city with a National Park:Nairobi National Park

Kenya is the only nation in the world where you can find a national park in a city, 43 minutes drive from the city of Nairobi you will be at the Nairobi National Park, the national park covers one hundred and seventeen kilometres (117KM2), it is one of the smallest national parks in the country, it has much attraction you can find in developed nations because of birds and mammal species that are found in the Nairobi National Park, Prominent people like the former United States First Lady Melania Trump on her visit to Africa made a safari on this park.  I believe that mammals in the national park are the happiest animals than the ones in the zoo because the wildlife in the national parks has abundant freedom.   No one controls how they feed or reproduce.

What is wildlife migration?

Nairobi National Park

Wildlife migration refers to the season wild animals and birds move from one area to another to look for water or food, sometimes they move to other areas to have their young ones in a safe environment.

Are there migrations in the Nairobi National Park?

There are migrations in the national park of Nairobi, the two mammals which migrate in the national park are similar to the ones in the Masai Mara national reserve the zebras and wildebeest are the mammals that love to migrate in the Nairobi national park.

What are the mammals that you will find in the Nairobi national park?

The Nairobi national park is a home of many mammals, these mammals live in their natural ecosystem, they include, and buffaloes, lions, cheetahs, leopards, and bird species include the Masai Ostrich.

History of Nairobi National Park  

On 13 April 1909, a boy child called Mervyn Hugh Cowie was born in a madhouse in Kenya, his parents were Scottish farmers who had migrated to South African and then to Kenya, they settled in Nairobi, in the early nineties, the   Caucasian who came to Kenya in those days were called White settlers, many of them were administrators in the colonial governments, others came to spread Christianity. Many others came to Kenya and brought exotic trees and domestic animals and started farming.

Nairobi National Park before 1946
Masai people of Kenya

 Nairobi was dominated by two African tribes, the Masai and the Kikuyu. The Masai are pastoralists keeping large herds of cattle sheep and goats the other tribe (Kikuyu) were farmers nowadays they engage in many economic like businesses, fishing, construction, and modern-day agriculture.  As the days went by other tribes came to Nairobi looking for jobs the population started to increase when other tribes started to come to Nairobi to look for jobs.  What was seen as a village turned to out is a town and today it is the capital city of Kenya?

How Nairobi national park and other parks were formed in Kenya.

  Mervyn Hugh Cowie first went to school in Nairobi and later moved to the United Kingdom for further studies, on his arrival in 1932 he found that things were not the way they used to be, the wildlife has drastically reduced because poaching was legal, in those days you could see the Caucasians carrying guns and Africans with their bows, arrows, machetes, and snares looking for an opportunity to porch an animal.

What changed Mervyn Hugh Cowie?

Nairobi National Park is home to lions

Mervyn first believed that wild animals could not live in peace with a human being, One day he was riding his motorbike he has had bought after coming to Kenya, as he was riding his motorbike in Nairobi National Park, he lost control and fell on the ground, he was injured and he was in deep pain and blood was coming from the injured part of the body, he heard a medium roar and saw a lioness coming towards his direction, he knew that he was the lioness next meal in that day, surprisingly the lioness came just close to him and suddenly the lioness walked to the nearby bush, this made Mervin change his mind about wildlife. He now believed that man and beast could live in peace and harmony.

He came with the idea of the establishment of the national park; his decision was not supported by those who were in power because most of them wanted land for agriculture others still wanted to kill wildlife for their ivory, skin, and meat.

Mervyn Hugh Cowie wrote to a leading newspaper in Kenya, he said that all east African wildlife should be killed, the people who read the letter became angry and started to push for the protection of wildlife.

  The government decided that there should be an establishment of national parks, game reserves, and wildlife sanctuaries in Kenya, this lead to the establishment of the Southwest game reserve.  Later this park was called the Nairobi National Park; he became the first person to act as the director of the Nairobi National Park.

 What wildlife is there in the Nairobi National Park?

Big Cats

 The three big cat species are found in the Nairobi National Park, the big cats include the Lions, leopard, and cheetahs

Cubs of a lion

The lions   Panthera leo

 It is not a must that the pride has a lion, the pride can have several lionesses with their cubs, lions are the most social animals, if one of the lionesses dies or gets injured other lionesses will feed her and her cubs.   In a pride of lions, the stronger lions will start to eat than others will follow in that order.    Lions have their territories, they mark territories with their urine, and sometimes they use their claws to mark the trees.   The lions, buffalos, leopard African buffalo, and elephants are the big five wildlife animals

Leopards  Panthera pardus

Leopards love to stay on trees

They are the second-largest cats in Kenya, they are very black with white spots, leopard   love to spend most of the time on trees and only come to the ground to hunt or drink water, they have very strong claws and strong jaws, they use the claws to climb trees and the powerful jaws to carry the carcasses on top of a tree

Cheetahs   Acinonyx jubatus

Cheetahs the fastest animal on land is found in Nairobi National Park

They are the fastest mammals on land, unlike the leopards; cheetahs love to spend most of their time on the ground, they are not aggressive as cheetahs and lions, cheetahs are big nine wildlife animals.  Cheetahs are not in the big five wildlife but make the list of the big nine wildlife

Big five mammal you won’t find in the Nairobi National Park.

The Nairobi national park has one similarity with the Amboseli national park, they both do not have all five wildlife mammals, these two national parks have only four big five mammals.   If you plan to visit Nairobi National Park don’t expect to see the elephants. The park size is too small to allow jumbos to walk freely in the park.

There are five wildlife mammals we call the big five because of their size, aggressiveness

Rhinoceros  Rhinocerotidae

White rhinos in Nairobi National Park

Nairobi national park is also considered a rhino sanctuary;   black rhinos can be found in the national park.

Birds on Nairobi National Park

 In almost every environment there are birds that have highly adapted to that environment, they include the ostrich, cranes

Masai Ostrich Struthio camelus

The largest birds on land Masai Ostrich in Nairobi National Park

There are two types of ostriches in the world; most of them can be found in zoos and in the national park, in the Nairobi national park, the common ostrich is a common feature in the grassland, the other place you can find the common ostrich is at the salt dust park also called the Amboseli national park.

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