Mombasa Marine Park and Reserve

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Mombasa Marine Park is a park found in the republic of Kenya, this national park was established to protect the Island and the aquatic wildlife on the southern coast of Kenya, and it is also a breeding place for many birds species, turtles and dolphins. Mombasa Marine Park is one place in Kenya where you can enjoy activities like diving, snorkelling, water skiing and windsurfing. It is managed by the government of Kenya through the Kenya wildlife service.  Most people visit Mombasa Marine National park during the day to see a variety of marine wildlife like crabs, starfishes, sea cucumbers, corals, turtles, dolphins: Spinner dolphins, humpback dolphins. This national park was established in 1986. The park covers ten square kilometres and the reserve covers about 200 square kilometres.

Location of Mombasa Marine Park  

Snorkelling is an activity you can do at Mombasa Marine Park and reserve

Mombasa Marine Park and reserve is located in Mombasa County on the coast of Kenya.  Mombasa County borders Kwale County, Kwale County as a tourist town in Kenya and Diani beach and Mpungute Kisite which is also another marine Park. This Marine Park is only 487 kilometres from Nairobi National Park, 325 kilometres to Tsavo East National Park and 727 to Amboseli National Park; the closest airport is the Mombasa International Airport. 

 What are the attractions in Mombasa Marine National Park?

Mombasa Marine Park has seagrasses and marine algae as its attraction

Mombasa marine park and reserve Marine life

The marine life in the Mombasa marine park are dolphins: spinner dolphins, humpback dolphins and humpback whales damselfish, zebrafish green sea turtle, leatherback turtle, hawksbill, stone fishes, octopus’s

Home of dolphins and whales.

Kenya is a blessed county with marine life and marine life. This Marine National Park and reserve is the home of dolphins and whales, remember the difference between a whale and a dolphin is the size, dolphins are whales but whales are not dolphins.  January to March is the best time to visit the Mombasa marine Park to see spinner dolphins and big five wildlife in the Tsavo East National Park. The spinner dolphins are seen from January to March leaping and spinning out of water.  July to October is the best time season for humpback whale migration in Kenya is also time you can also see the wildebeest migrations in the Masai Mara National Reserve.   There are also other dolphins that can be seen throughout the year, these are Indo-Pacific dolphins and humpback dolphins.

Activities in the Mombasa Marine Park


Snorkelling activities in the Mombasa marine park are during the months of January to March. These months are good because the water is very clear and the sky has no clouds. Recommend you to visit from January to march for a beach holiday in Kenya.

Scuba diving

Scuba diving is different from snorkelling, in scuba diving you will use special apparatus that will help you to stay underwater longer. The best months for beach holidays in Kenya and scuba diving are during the dry months of January to March. The sky is very clear and the water is clean because during the rainy season water from the rivers flows to the ocean making the water not to be clear.

Humpback whale migrations

Mombasa marine park and reserve is another place where you can come for migration safaris. During the month of July and October.

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