Melania Trump Visit Kenya

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Melania Trump visit Kenya in East Africa. Politicians, businessmen, religious and ordinary people come to Kenya for safari’s. Kenya is home of safaris. Melania Trump’s visit Kenya was a good sign that the Americans supports conservation efforts in Africa. She is not the first prominent person from the United States to come to Kenya. 1910 former American President Theodore Roosevelt visited Africa. Theodore landed in Mombasa Kenya and travelled to Uganda.

Table of contents

  1. United states former first lady Melania Trump
  2. Americas Powerful woman at Melania Trump in Nairobi National Park
  3. Margaret Kenyatta and Melania Trump at Ivory burning site
  4. Kenya’s First lady and Americas first lady Melania feeds baby elephants
  5. Melania Trump cultural tour in Kenya
  6. Orpaned Children had a lovely day with Melania Trump
First ladies Margaret Kenyatta and Mellania Trump during Melania Visit to Africa
Melania Trump with Kenyan first Lady Margret Kenyatta

Margaret Kenyatta, Kenyans first lady was at the Jomo Kenyatta Airport to welcome her to Kenya.

 Melania Trump visit to Kenya Safari dress code

Melania Trump Visit Kenya for a game drive
Melania Trump dress code on Safari

United States first lady Melania Trump on her one-day safari in Kenya was seen wearing a good safari outfit. A white pith hat, white blouse, black boots and riding trousers.    On her hand, she had a smartphone to capture wildlife in the Nairobi national park.

Melania Trump on Safari

Melania Trump in Nairobi national Park
A Kenyan Safari

The wildlife animals that Melani Trump saw were Ostriches, Lions cape Verde Buffalos, rhinos,zebras and girrafees. Lions, elephants, buffaloes, leoaprds and rihnos are what we calle the big five wildlife . The big nine wildlife of africa are the big five wildlife including zebras,girrafes, cheetahs and hipopotamuses.

First lady Melania Trump at Ivory Burning site

Mellania Trump at Ivory burning monument in Nairobi
Melani Trump at the Ivory burning site in Kenya

 On this monument. The fourth president of Kenya burned a total of 110 tons. Moi the second President of Kenya burned 10 tons in 1989. This was done to help in conserving wildlife in Kenya. This national park has big five: lions elephants, Lions, Buffalos, rhinoceros and Leopards. If we add Hippopotamuses, Cheetahs, Zebras and Giraffes are the big nine wildlife animals.

Melania Trump Adopts   Baby Elephants
lets feed elephants : Orphaned
Melania Trump an elephant orphanage in Kenya

This Superstar Melania visited the elephant’s orphanage center outside the Nairobi National Park. The orphanage is run by the Sheldrick wildlife trust. Shedrick wildlife trust was established in 1973. The organization has been at the forefront to conserve rhinos and elephants for 48 years now. The former first lady fed a baby elephant with milk. A calf needs special milk every two to three hours daily.

Melania Trump visited Kenya to Promote wildlife conservation.  Melania Trump adopted a calf of an elephant.

Bomas of Kenya.

Dancers, acrobats and traditional dancers entertained Melani Trump at Bomas of Kenya.

Melania Trump Safari walk with Children
Orphaned children
Melania Trump walks with children on her Kenyan safari

At an orphanage, the center walked with the children. her safari. Melania Trump visit to Kenya was very remarkable.

Melania Trump Plays with children during her Kenyan Safari

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