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What is a safari

Safari is a Swahili word that means to travel from one place to another, in the olden days people used to travel for various reasons i.e. hunt the big five animals: elephants, buffalos, rhinos, lions, and leopards for their meat skin hides, and skins respectively. Swahili is a Bantu language that came about because of the intermarriage between Arabs and Africans. This brought what we call the Swahili culture to the coast of Kenya.

How Arabs did came to the East African coast

Dhows now used in beaches for safaris

Around 1700 AD Arabs started to come to the coast of Kenya for more than one reason, some came because of religion and political persecutions, others came because they wanted to spread Islam and others came because they saw others moving. During those days there were no ships coming to the coast of Kenya. The Arabs who were mostly bachelors used dhows which were propelled by the monsoon winds. When they arrived they married the local tribes that live on the coast of East Africa. The offsprings were later allowed to intermarry themselves, these colored Arabs and Africans live on the coast of Kenya like Mombasa, Malindi and Lamu, Pemba, and Zanzibar. The offsprings of Africans and Arabs are the ones we nowadays call the Swahili people.

How did Swahili come about?

The Swahili language or Kiswahili is a language nowadays people use in most African countries, this language is the product of interaction between African Bantus and the Arabs.

What is a safari Park?

A safari land cruiser van

A safari park is an area the government has set aside for recreational purposes, educational purposes, or research; the animals in the safari park live in their natural ecosystem and are protected by the national government.  For one to enter a safari park, one must use a vehicle from a tour operator in Kenya. In Kenya, the Kenya wildlife service is responsible for managing the national parks.

Now a day the word safari means a different thing after it was adapted to English, It now means traveling to Africa for holiday, culture, photography, business, conservation, or even a gospel safari.

Lions in the national Park in Kenya

What do you need in a safari? 

Before you plan for a safari there are basic things you need before you start the journey, you will need a tour operator that is run by professional tour guides, who can give you the right information and at the right time for your safari.  They are people who have wide experience in the travel industry. They know where the animals are in the bushes, they know the best hotels, lodges, camps and beaches and the remote roads in case you are to use a van.

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Lion walking past a safari jeep

Prominent people on safari

Former united states President who came to Kenya for a safari

Kenya has had many people who have been here for safaris, most of them came here to Kenya for adventures, honeymoons, or for conversation purposes.

 From 1909 to 1910 president of the United States President Roosevelt came to Kenya after he had lost the election only to return to be reelected, he spends most of the time, traveling to  East Africa. His mission was to collect specimens for a newly constructed museum  Smithsonian’s new Natural History Museum.

Why do people come for safaris?

Vacations and holidays

people organize safaris so that they have adventures