Haller Park Wildlife Sanctuary in a City

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Mombasa is found in the coast of Kenya. The coast of Kenya has sandy beaches. It has only one Park for wildlife. Haller Park in Mombasa was an abandoned quarry. Bamburi Portland cement company after mining cement was left with a quarry. The company had to look for was of rehabilitating ting the quarry. This post talks about Haller Park in Mombasa and the attractions in the zoo.

visitors going to haller park
A nature walk at Haller Park in Mombasa

History of the only zoo in Mombasa

In 1973 in Mombasa Kenya, Bamburi cement company wanted to transform an abandoned quarry into something useful, they sought the help of Dr. Renee Parker to enrich the soil with nutrients. Dr. Renee planted trees. Some trees were indigenous and some exotic. I

After a series of research, only three plant species were able to grow nicely in the area, including the eucalyptus, mangrove trees coconut trees, pine trees, shrubs and grass.  

intensive research wildlife animals were added to the park. The first animals that were added to the park were crocodiles.

Wildlife in Haller Park

Haller Park is found in Kenyans second-largest city Mombasa, it is found along Mombasa – Malindi highway.  The beaches that are close the Haller Park are Mombasa beach, Kenyatta beach and Millele beach.

What are the wildlife in Mombasa

Hippopotamuses in Haller Park

Sally on the left and Potty on the right

Sally is a female hippopotamus at Haller Park. She was born in 1972, and she is now 49 years, old. She weighs about one and a halftone. Sally had been living lonely for fourteen years. Potty is a male hippopotamus at Haller Park. Potty had been in Germany, the zoo in Germany did not keep him in a good condition. The conservation experts brought him to Kenya. Hippopotamuses he spends a good quality time in the water. Hipotamuses are feed at 4:30 pm

Potty and Sally are feed with dairy cubes supplements. At feeding time visitors are meters away. The two Had a calf, Owen. Owen became famous. Mzee is a very old tortoise in the zoo. Hippopotamuses do not belong to the big five wildlife animals, they, belong to the big nine wildlife animals.

Giraffes (Rothschild giraffes) in Mombasa

feeding giraffes at Haller park zoo
A visitor feeding giraffes in Haller park

Rothschild giraffes are the species of giraffes that you will find here. Feed giraffes here at around 11 am.

Cape Verde Buffaloes

Cape Verde :African buffaloes at haller park zoo

Cape buffaloes are the only big five wildlife animals that you will find in this zoo. They will spend most of their time together eating grass in the zoo compound. You will have an opportunity to see these two big five wildlife animals. In the evening the zookeepers will give the buffaloes dairy cubes to supplement the diet. The feeding of buffaloes is at around 4:30 pm.

Tortoises in Bamburi
Mzee  tortoise  in Mombasa
Mzee is an old tortoise at Haller park

There are two tortoises in Haller Park, they live near a water hole, where they can feed on the grass around, Mzee is the most famous tortoise in Haller Park, and she is a very big tortoise, the tortoise is over one hundred years old.

Crocodile farm near Nyali

feeding crocodiles in Mombasa
Visitors feeding crocodiles in the snake park

Haller park has a crocodile farm. Crocodiles grow very fast in coat province. at feeding time, caretakers will be giving the crocodiles large chunks of meat.

Reptile Park in Haller Park
A snake park in Mombasa
A Reptile in a snake farm
What Languages are spoken in Haller Park

This safari is good for a family day out, picnic, schools and colleges, It is a very good place you will learn conservation. Book for this safari with us

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