Group safaris in Kenya

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Information about group safaris in Kenya

When I was a boy growing with disabilities in a special school. Port Reitz school we used to have lots of visitors coming to see children with disabilities in Mombasa.  Most of them were local from the Indian community in Kenya and some were friends who came all the way from the United States of America and the United Kingdom, Sir John Leman high school. These visitors came for wildlife safari and also to support children with disabilities as part of their charity or exchange programmes. I came to know that they were doing a group safaris in Kenya.

Table of contents

  1. What is a group Safari
  2. Advantages of Group Safaris than individual Safaris
  3. Meet new people in a group safari
  4. Shared costs in a group Safari
  5. Group safaris are flexible
  6. Power of co operation
  7. Group Safari as many activities
  8. Cultural exchange
  9. Book a safari with us
A group safari
Rhino Charge is an example of a group safari for raising funds for charities.

When more than one individual goes for a safari and are not related by blood. This is what we call group safaris in Kenya Most people who go for a group safari are people with a common goal to see wildlife, have fun and meet with new people when they are on safari. Most group safaris are for fun or for charities, like the rhino charge which is raising funds for conservation in Kenya is another reason why people come for safaris in Kenya.

In a group safari, you and your travel partners will board the same safari vehicle while travelling from one attraction point to another. Group safari has many advantages over solo travel.

Advantages of Group Safari

Self of belongingness

a group safari brings many people together
A group Safari in Masai Mara

When you are travelling with a group you have a sense of belongingness, this will make you feel comfortable, and you will not feel bored when you are travelling with a group of people, you will be able to do certain activities which you can’t do alone, like mountain hiking,  beach soccer,  walking safari and cycling safari.

Meet new people

meet new people in group safaris
Meet new people in a group Safari

When you travel with a group of people, you have the advantage of meeting new people.  These new people will become your friends for the time being or friends forever. Giuseppe had arrived in Kenya holiday with his friends, He had spent weeks on the beaches of Diani Kenya with friends. He had been single for two years after he had lost her girlfriend. One day as he was travelling at the beach he met Madona who was doing an individual safari in Kenya. They became friends and exchanged contacts. When they both went to their respective countries they kept in contact online. After a year they decided to meet again. This time around they decided to become friends forever, they got married.

Meet new friends during on a group safari

Shared costs

Group safaris are cheap as compared with individual safaris which are sometimes considered for high profile or celebrities safaris. In a group safari, a group will share the cost of travelling, a van can be used by more than two individuals but less than eight pedestrians. This will be cheap. The same people could have hired the eight vans for the same safari.

advantages of shared costs during group safaris
A group safari sharing a Landcruiser
Group safaris are Flexible 
 group safaris are flexible
Group Safaris are very flexible.

When you are on a group safari, you have the advantage of doing something which other members are not doing. For example, you might be on a game drive and then Suddenly you see a nice curio in town, then you remember one of your friends at home. You decide to buy them a gift. You might decide to go shopping while others are busy doing wildlife. In a group safari, you can decide to do something else when the group is doing other activities. In the above picture, the tourist decided to visit a school.

Power of cooperation
In a group safari, you get to cooperate with others

Where you are in a group safari you can achieve more than an individual doing solo travel, group safari is more of sharing. I remember I had a friend of mine who had been travelling from Germany to Rwanda every year when he was on holiday. Before having a game drive he would travel to Rwanda to help orphaned children. One day he and his team wanted to build a dormitory for the children. He and his team send the building materials through the port of Mombasa before they arrived in Rwanda. Before they did a game drive they travelled to Rwanda and build the dormitory for the orphaned children.

Many activities

group safaris with many activities
A group enjoying themselves in a river.

In a group safari, you have the ability to enjoy or do many activities which you cant do alone. You may do activities like dancing, game drives, mountain hiking. This gives you the ability to have more time and enjoy yourself more than one activity, group safaris are not limited to safaris alone.

Cultural exchange

cultural exchange in group safaris
Masai dancers performing to tourists in Kenya.

Culture is the people’s way of life, it includes the foods they eat, clothes and even their religion. When you have the opportunity to be on a group safari, you have the advantage of interacting with different people from different backgrounds, this gives you the ability to learn about new cultures. You can eat the local like the Swahili dishes, engage in cultural tradition dances and many more activities like this.


We would like to hear your comments below. You can book a group safari with us. We promise you we will have fun and lots of activities. Contacts us today or use the contacts below.

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