Big five wildlife in Kenya in National Parks

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Big five wildlife in Kenya are the largest wildlife in National Parks. Tourists takes long journey to come to Africa to see the big five All Big five in Kenya are very intelligent, big and very aggressive. Here were are going to discuses all of them in this post.

Table of contents

  1. Elephants
    1. Matriarch elephants
  2. Lions
  3. Leopards
  4. Buffalos
  5. Rhinos
  6. Book a big five Safari

African elephants Largest Big five wildlife in Kenya

Red dust elephants in Tsavo East National park  largest big five
A heard of African red Dust Elephants

Travelling from Voi to Mombasa town along the Mombasa Nairobi highway. I had a privileged to see the largest wildlife animals in Africa. I was near Tsavo East National Park, Ngutini Lodge, these beasts were brown in colour and were eating some grass, all the passengers in the Matatu turned to look through the windows of the van to see the red dust elephants of Tsavo, It was the first time I had seen an elephant.

In Twenty fifteen I was living in a remote place in Taita Taveta County in a village called Kishushe, it was on December holidays and many farmers were about to harvest the maize in their farms, My brother called Me to see the huge elephants that were browsing in the farm at night, It was the first time I saw the Matriarch.

A family of elephants in Amboseli  national park near kilimanjaro  are big five
A family of African elephants

The Matriarch Elephant

The biggest female is the most intelligent and very powerful. Ranking elephants mate with the strongest bull. They chase away weak and small bulls. A pregnant elephant will take about two years to perpetuate. The calf is born at about 90 kilograms

Elephants population is estimated to be thirty-four thousand. The number of elephants had reduced very much in the late ’90s which made the Kenyan government intervene, many animals were poached and thousands of elephants died.  Second president of Kenya, was the first President to burn tones of ivory at Nairobi National Park.

The adult elephants weigh about 1.8 tons to 6.3 tones, a female may weigh between 2.7 tons to 3.6 tones, and they can consume about 13630 kilograms and about 210 liters per day.  

Elephants are very intelligent mammal.

Sometimes along the Nairobi – Mombasa highway in one of the wildlife corridors, you might see many elephants distracting small vehicles, you won’t see them distract large trucks from the port of Mombasa.

Lions are the real big five wildlife in Kenya

Pride of lions in Kenya  are big five  wildlife
A pride of lions

I first knew about lions after I had watched a movie “called” Elsa” it was an orphaned cub that a farmer had kept after she had killed her mother. This lion lived with humans big in Kenya. Family of lions is called a pride. A family of lions can have many lionesses with cubs. Sometimes lions may not live with the pride. Female lions are got in finding food. Lions depend on lionesses. If a lioness becomes on heat, she will mate for two days and after she has concieved she will take about 110 days to perpetuate.

mane of lions  bif five wildlife
Lion King of the jungle

Do lions eat human beings? Man-eaters of Tsavo West

man eaters of tsavo west national park wildlife
Moulded image of the two maneless lions at Chicago University

Lions have known to kill and eat human beings. At man eaters in Tsavo West National Park 135 railways construction workers were by two male lions. The lions used to come to the railways construction site at night. They would drag the victim from the Bomas and tents devouring them. This cause railway construction to stop for nine months. This was the year 1898.

Leopards or Panthera pardus Third Big five in Kenya

Leopards  found in Kenya big five  wildlife
A leopard Yawning

Leopards love to stay on trees and only come to the ground to hunt. Leopards are very fierce very angry animals. They can kill ten animals yet they can eat only one. The cubs are born with the ears and eyes closed. After some few weeks the cubs will start to see and come out of their hiding places. At three months they can not eat flesh just like old leopards.

cub of leopard a big five   wildlife
A cub of a leopard

A terrible incident happened in Kenya in Tsavo West National park. a leopard attacked one of the staff of the china roads company near man eater. In Tsavo East and Tsavo west. There has been many cases of human wildlife conflict.

The leopard seeing him jumped to him and killed him. Other workers only heard him screaming. They took him to the nearest hospital in Voi, unfortunately, he succumbed to death.

Buffalos or Bubalus bubalis fourth Big five in Kenya
African buffaloes  big five wildlife
African buffalo in Tsavo East National park

Haller Park is located in Bamburi near Nyali, it abandoned quarry a mining company had mined limestone.  This was the first time I saw an African buffalo. The horns are about one and a half meters long; the legs are very huge and strong.

Rhinoceros or rhinos fifth Big five in Kenya

Rhinoes are one of the endagered species in the world. There are two types of rhinos. The white rhinos and black rhinos. All rhino in the world are under protetion. Most of the rhinos are under 24 hour servelance to protect them.

Black rhinos are big five wildlife
Barako A black rhino

Two types of rhinos are the white rhinos and the black rhinos. The difference between the black and white rhino is the colour. An adult white rhinos weighs about 2300 kilograms, a black rhino weighs about 2300 kilograms, all rhinos can run at a speed of 50 kilometers per hour. Rhinos have a lifespan of 40 to 50 years. White rhinos are at Nairobi National Park and black rhinos are found in Tsavo West National park and Tsavo East National Park.

white rhinos  are big five wildlife
White rhinos
Book a big five Safari
a safari van  for big five wildlife
Tourist enjoying a game drive

If you would like to see the big five or have any question,s please. Please talk to us today

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