Qualities of a good accommodation facility on safari?

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A pride of lions in Kenya

Imagine yourself travelling from one town to another or from one continent to another only to find that the accommodation facility is not for your standard. That is the reason we came with this post for you. Every traveller on a Safari needs a good place where he or she can relax after a long day journey, the place should accommodate individuals, group safaris, families, or even people who have disabilities.

Why Every Traveller need a clean room when on Safari

Twin Family Room

During game drives and safaris, you might travel long distances moving from one national park to another, sometimes it might take one day even to twenty-one days travelling, you will need a good place where you will need accommodation so that you relax and prepare for your next safari. A room with a good bed, clean with good electricity will be something that you should consider. A room with good electricity will help you to communicate with your loved ones at home because you can charge your laptops and phones.

Location of accomodation facilities and the water hole

A water hole will enable you to see wildlife at the comfort of your hotel room

Most of the accommodations are in the game reserves, national parks, or just within the conservation area, this gives you an opportunity to see the wildlife when you are not on a game drive, sometimes you can see the wildlife when you are at the comfort of your dining room or bedroom. It will not be wise if you book for a hotel which is very far from the national park because it will make you add some more cost of travelling to see the wildlife each day.

Accomodation on safari should have good quality meals.

Ugali a Kenyan stapple diet : Safari

When you are on safari you will need a good accommodation place where you will have all the basic needs, food shelter and clothing. Food that you will eat should be prepared by good chefs so that you won’t have any sickness during your safari. Always buy snacks from recognized brands or established supermarkets. Most hotels lodges and camps in Kenya have good chefs with experience who are trained from the best tourism colleges in Kenya.

Some hotels, lodges and camps cook African delicacies, Swahilis dishes if you are in Mombasa. It is important to know the foods they cook, knowing in advance is good because it is not good if you book for a safari and then you find that the meals are not friendly.

Accomodation with Swiming pool

A lodge that has a swimming pool in Kenya

Temperatures in most tourist towns in Kenya like Mombasa, Malindi, Voi and Diani have very hot temperatures, it is important to consider booking an accommodation facility that has a swimming pool before booking for the safari. It is important to talk to your safari tour operator before booking for the safari. You must follow rules that are laid down by the premises because swimming is at the owner’s risk. In Tsavo East National Park Voi safari lodge, lion hill, Voi Wildlife Lodge have swimming pool amenities.

Accomodation for persons living with disabilities during Safaris.

Special consideration for persons living with disabilities during safaris

If you are you are a person living with disabilities or you are travelling with a person living with disabilities it is important to consider hotels, lodges or campsites are accessible to persons living with disabilities. It is important to make sure that the accommodation facilities have ramps or has a lift so that you can access the building. There are also tourist sites that are not disabled-friendly, persons living with disabilities can’t access the places unless they are helped.

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