About Us

From Left Tour guide, game warden,Jimmy the tour driver, and Jepherson Mkala at Man eaters cave in Tsavo West National Park

We are a tour and travel company in Kenya in Kenya, We are located in Voi town.

We offer safari sarvices, our services are to transport clients and customers from the Airports, hotels and lodges to the National parks for game drives, historic sites and zoos to see wildlife and othe adventures like mountain hiking and return the clients and customers to their drop points.

Kenya people speak English and Swahili, in our game drive safari most of our travelers English speaking people, however, we don’t stop those who can’t speak English fluently not to work with us.

Our mission

The laws of Kenya does not allow a person making a safari, to go to the national park on foot, bicycle, or a motorbike, you have to be on customized vans or a Landcruiser because a Kenya national park or a game reserve isn’t a zoo, Here animals are real wild, of course, you can’t go there because you don’t know where to find the big five or big nine in a national park larger which is thousands of Kilometers squired.

This is the reason we come in handy to ensure that you will be able to make that safari successful for yourself or for your loved ones.

¬†Our drivers know where to find the wildlife you are looking to see so that you have that wonderful safari for you and you’re loved ones.


Our vision is to be a leading travel company in Africa offering affordable quality tourism safaris