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We formed this company after we realized that tourists were not getting friendly services and value of their money like it used to be in late 1900, everyone needs safe space to travel because we have got our loved ones at home who depend on us. We are committed to ensuring that you get the value for your money by getting quality safari services from us, in every step of negotiation we will give you the right information.

You need a safe place to stay when you are in Africa. We have a list of hotels, lodges, and camps that offer international standards in Kenya that we can recommend to you.

Whichcountry are we from?

We are in East Africa, in a country called Kenya, This country is well known for sports, athletics, it is considered to be the home of safaris in Africa. It receives visitors all around the year, however dry months are the best seasons for Safaris and adventures

Where are we

We are in Voi town; Voi is a tourist town like Mombasa, Malindi and Nairobi, the town is located along the Mombasa- Nairobi highway, next to the largest national park in Africa.  

Our Safaris covers the the following National Parks in Kenya

We cover a number of national parks in Kenya, most of the national parks which we cover are home to the big five and big nine wildlife animals and therefore choosing us as your safari expert, will give you the advantage of seeing wildlife like lions, elephants, buffalos, rhinos, leopards, zebras, giraffes, hippopotamuses and cheetahs among others. We are on the coast of Kenya. the coast of Kenya has many sandy beaches, so one can do water sport activities like sunbathing, skiing, scuba diving, snorkelling. You can also see spinner dolphins, humpback dolphines, Indo Pacific dolphins and whale migration in Mombasa Marine park and Kisite Mpungute National park and reserves. The national parks that we cover are Tsavo East National Park a home to the red dust elephants and big five animals, this park is a wilderness park found on the coast of Kenya, It is also one of the largest national parks in Kenya. Tsavo West National Park is also home to the big five wildlife and has attractions like Mzima springs, Lake Chala and Lake Jipe, Amboseli National Park where you can see elephants at a close distance you can also view mount Kilimanjaro from Kenya in Amboseli, Amboseli is where you can do activities like hot air balloon safaris. Masai Mara National Reserve is a famous Game reserve people visit, this park people can visit throughout the year but during July to November people visit this park for Migration of wildebeest. Nairobi National Park is the first national park in Kenya and the only national park in a city, it is in Nairobi national park where conservation of wildlife begun in Kenya, it has an ivory burning monument. Former United States first lady visited this National Park when she came to Africa See Melania Trump Visit to Africa

What languages do we speak?

We speak English, Kiswaswahili and Taita Language.

How will we help you have a good safari?

This company will help tourists have safe travel when they go for wildlife safaris and other adventures, our tour drivers and guides have very high skills and experiences over the years. They have been in this profession for years.

Since its formation many tourists have been able to travel nicely and safely in Africa, they have enjoyed the wildlife safaris, bought gifts at a standard rate, and linked to the local people eventually forming good relations with the local people

If you are looking for adventures, wildlife safaris or any other business and you are looking for a company that will take you to that place, we are here to talk you there. Talk to us today.

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